German medical doctors come to Asia University for exchange and study!

  • 2021-05-06
A group photo of Professor Ying-hui Chen, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Asia University (from left), with Dr. Vite Babak Hamun Akbari, and Professor Chi-Wen Lung. Professor Chi-Wen Lung (from right) and members of the research LAB, including Quanxin Lin, Wei-Cheng Shen, Vite Babak Hamun Akbari, Sunardi, Fahni Haris, and Peter Ardhianto. Vite Babak Hamun Akbari (from left), a group photo with teacher Hui-Chang Hong from FUN ROBOT (Taichung), Professor Chi-Wen Lung, and members of the research team. Vite Babak Hamun Akbari (from right), Professor Chi-Wen Lung, and Ph.D. student Wei-Cheng Shen develop and design a soft tissue ultrasonic measurement device