Asia University Enters the 2021 List of Best Young Universities in the World ranked by THE and Is Ranked No.1 Private University in Taiwan

  • 2021-06-29

The UK Times Higher Education (THE) Organization published the “2021 Best Young Universities in the World” on June 23, in which 17 Taiwanese universities enter this ranking list. Asia University (AU) is ranked No. 191 in the world, No. 3 in Taiwan, and No. 1 of the private universities in Taiwan.

The THE Organization ranked the world’s best universities that are 50 years old or younger, and published the result the other day, including 475 universities from 68 countries and regions in the world. AU is ranked No. 191 and moves up three places this year.

Prof. Chang-Hai Tsai, the founder of AU, said that AU is the youngest among the 17 domestic universities on the list, and has just celebrated her 20th anniversary; and that it is commendable for its performance in running a school to be recognized internationally. Founder Tsai also said that “Youth means limitless possibilities,” and hope that AU will continue to work hard to develop a smart university and move towards the goal of establishing a world-known school.

President of AU, Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, said that eight years ago, AU was listed in the best university rakings of THE for the first time, and has been on the list every year until today. Furthermore, in the past year, AU has entered seven rankings of the THE report, meaning that AU has not only steadily stepped into internationalization with good reputation in the world, but also cooperated with more and more international universities to provide the students and professors of AU to go abroad or attend online international conferences!

President Tsai pointed out that in terms of domestic performances, AU has been ranked among the best in Global Views Monthly and Cheers Magazines every year. Furthermore, among 69 universities which plan to recruit more than 1,000 students recently, AU has a recruiting distribution rate of 97.19%, being ranked No. 2 among the 69 schools, inferior only to National Taiwan University (NTU) which is ranked No. 1 with a recruiting distribution rate of 98.72%. It is obvious that a lot of students and parents in Taiwan like and support AU.

“The performance of AU students is also very good,” President Tsai said, “and AU has 103 projects which AU students applied successfully to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) this year, being ranked No. 7 in Taiwan and No. 4 in the private universities.” Furthermore, in the past five years, AU has more than 100 projects every year, which shows that the students are motivated and the teachers are enthusiastic in teaching.

As mentioned by President Tsai additionally, AU received a subsidy of more than 14.72 million NT dollars last month from four “Overseas Study Projects” that AU applied successfully to the Ministry of Education (MOE) to support students abroad for research and internships, being ranked No. 1 in the universities in Taiwan. Also, the MOE agreed to extend funding due to the epidemic of Covid-19 recently in Taiwan. Including the subsidy quota last year, 700 students of AU will receive subsidies to go abroad after the epidemic is over. 

   In short, the various performances mentioned above show that AU is constantly striving to improve every day, trying to reach her goal of “Basing in Taiwan to Advance to the world!”