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AU makes a progress of 37 places this year and is ranked No. 10 in Taiwan, No.3 in the private universities, and No. 1 in the non-medical universities.
Siao-Yun Li, a student of the Dept. of Nursing at AU, has won a 2019 Student Research Creation Award of the MOST College Student Research Program.
One of the 13 artworks entitled “Taiwanese Traditional Weaving” also won a Gold Medal of the ADC in America and another entitled “BEAU Lipstick Gift Box” won a Bronze Medal.
The purpose of this study is to test whether reading engagement has a moderating effect on student engagement and academic achievement. We collected data from 4,495 Asia University students’ absenteeism rate, book borrowing records and academic performance, and then conducted empirical analysis using hierarchical regression methods.
This study investigated how big data and artificial intelligence can be used to help universities to more precisely understand student backgrounds, according to which corresponding interventions can be provided. For this study, 3552 students from a university in Taiwan were sampled. A statistical learning method and a machine learning method based on deep neural networks were used to predict their probability of dropping out.
The IR Center completed the compilation of the IR dictionary in 2016.
31 Asia University professors are granted projects of the program with an approval rate of 49.2% being ranked No. 4 in Taiwan.
2020-06-11 Wei-Yu Huang, a graduate student of the Dept. of Visual Communication Design at Asia University (AU), created a work entitled “Taiwanese Traditional Weaving” and wins the gold award in the 99th ADC Award competition.
The six students of the Dept. of Visual Communication at AU won prizes of the 99th ADC Award. Among the participating colleges, AU is ranked the 13th in the world and the 1st in Taiwan.